Childhood was truly a magical time. It was like living in parallel universes; a stick was a sword, a stone was a clue to the next big mystery, dinosaurs lurked in the dark corners.


After school, I spent many afternoons in my father’s studio. I was fascinated by the darkroom where negatives were developed. Dipping my hands into chemicals and seeing a white paper became a beautiful photograph was truly remarkable.


I was an adventurer at heart. I always imagined I would explore the world. I knew I was just a little girl, but one day I would grow up to be a strong adventurer. With my father’s guidance, I became an ace athlete. Sports taught to be the power of discipline and leadership. I won the school Colors in Swimming(2006) and Athletics(2005); was also given the prestigious The Telegraph School Award, certificate of Honor for Best Sports Person in 2008.


It was natural that I was drawn to film making straight after school. My days in St. Xavier’s College opened new horizons to me; I was thrilled to be introduced the vividly imaginative world of cinema. The films I made during my college days were well appreciated by the students and the faculty. They won awards in CINEMATHEQUE (National Level student film competition) and Documentarywala (Kolkata’s Documentary Film Festival). It was also during this time, I really explored performing arts. I acted, danced and choreographed for National theatre festivals.


Somehow, after graduation, I was captivated by the idea of starting my own Laser Tag arena. Laser Tag was a grand success. It gave youngsters an imaginative world where aliens and monsters existed and they were the warriors.  It was also lucky to provide a platform for young artists and entrepreneurs in my curated festival, Gyspyville.


After a glorious run; we decided to close the business. There I was coming back to the film making. Ad films and photo shoots was what I started out doing. Soon enough collaborations and projects started coming in.I’m very lucky that film making allows be to explore the various facets of my personality, moreover I am glad to keep the adventurous spirit of the little girl alive.



Digital Nerve - Creative Producer
​2018 - now


Digital Verve is a production house. We are a collective of artists and entrepreneurs that believe in the concept of individuality. We have multiple projects in our pipeline. As a producer, I am able to strike a balance between my creative mind and business brain. 

When I think of my team; I think of these crazies of Digital Nerve. We are a great mix of talented individuals. It's in this space where new ideas are born, and it is this team that make that idea into a film. 

I learn new things every day. On every small or big project. We have ambitious aspirations; with hard work, dedication and a dash of madness we do make an incredible team.

Let's Laser Tag - Co-Founder

​2013 - 15

I was the Co-Founder of Let’s Laser Tag. It was such a radical concept, we faced a lot of difficulties in finding the right place. We found an underground 2500 Sq feet basement in Camac Street which was ideal for our arena.


As an start up, I practically had to do everything. From interior designing to branding, from extended marketing plans to fixing the bathroom tap. Everything needed my constant attention.


Yes, Laser Tag was a grand hit. I learnt so much from this experience. I am proud to say we have embedded great memories in the hearts of thousands of kids. Many will look back and relish on their moments spent in Let's Laser Tag. 

The Telegraph

​2010 - 13


I probably landed the best student job. The Telegraph is an Indian English daily newspaper founded and continuously published in Kolkata since 7 July 1982. It is published by the ABP Group and has a circulation close to 5 lakhs. 


The newspaper hired a group of students from different colleges in the city. This team was called the t2 Campus team. We were to understand the pulse of the youth. 

I can credit myself to more than 200 bylines. I covered events, conducted interviews, met celebrities and planned stylish photo shoots. I learned a lot from my mentors; who were kind and nurtured my talent. I learnt how to break free from the boring mould of conventional writing; I learnt how to develop a distinct style and flavour to my words. Oh! All this while getting paid in college was a win-win deal. 

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St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
Mass Communication and Videography

​2010 - 13


The Mass Communication department was the black sheep of college. Well, do not blame me; filmmakers are supposed to be loonies. Our department was always getting into trouble, yet it felt nice to have a collective unity. With fun classes, workshops, film projects and frequent visit to the Dean's office; I would say this is where I made friends for life. 

The knowledge I received during my course laid my foundation of understanding cinema. One of my professors had said, "you need to know the rules before you break them."


La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata



I owe so much to who I am because of my school. My school did not hold me back, but let me explore anything and everything that excited me. From excelling in various sports, to develop an understanding of performing arts, and most importantly I learned the value of leadership. 

I always felt so much warmth and encouragement from the teachers. Even today, my school holds a very special place in my heart.  


Emaho Network

This community aspires to be a network of passionate individuals who can extend support to people who cannot afford basic necessities or who can afford but do not have access to it.  It's a forum where information can be shared, ideas exchanged and actions can be put into motion. 

Like A Dog

Founded in 2014, LIKE A DOG has since then expanded to provide various kinds of care for stray animals in and around Kolkata, India. Since then, LIKE A DOG has run numerous sterilisation programmes, vaccination drives and provided emergency care to stray dogs and cats. Early in 2016, we decided to focus on ‘anti-rabies’ as an area of focus and have successfully administered over 5,000 anti-rabies shots around the city.

My contributions over the years have been helping on ground with the regular vaccination drive; as well as assisting with photography a promote our cause.

Debanjan Sen Foundation

The Debanjan Sen Foundation extends support, financial and otherwise, to underprivileged children who have the potential to excel in sports. This foundation conducts football and athletics tournament to encourage healthy sporting spirit among the youth. 

My contributions over the years have been volunteering; and assisting with content for their promotions.