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Project | 02
AD Film | For luxury housing 'V' 

The 'V' is one of Kolkata's upcoming luxury housing complex. I was the Producer and actor on this project; my role was understanding the client's vision and guiding my team.

 Project| 05
AD International Film| For OIKO

I was the Production Assistant on this project. It was great to see Marco Grandia and Sudeep Chatterjee work. We shot at Laha Bari, a popular shooting destination in Kolkata.

 Project| 04
Aftermovie | For For The Lalit Great Eastern's New Year Celebration

The Lalit Great Eastern is one of Kolkata's iconic heritage hotel. I was the Producer on this project. We covered multiple events and helped portray their brand with the young and classy element.

 Project| 06
Femme Fatale | Inspired by Classical Hollywood Style film Noir

To indulge in reminiscence of some old Classical Hollywood Films. The black and white era of Noir; guns, cigars, shadowy bad guys and dangerously beautiful woman.

 Project| 07
Citizen Journalism Documentary : One Simple Question

After watching the news for hours at a stretch we decided to go out and ask the people in my city, one simple question; Should India go to War with Pakistan?

 Project| 08
AdoptDontShop | Rode Reel 2019

There are 10 million stray dogs in India. 

Yet, the demand for exotic breeds is on the rise. This investigative documentary into Kolkata's famous pet market Galif Street. 

#AdoptDontShop #GaliffStreet

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