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Fire Cracker Ban in Kolkata |#LetIndiaBreathe | Diwali 2021

After enough of existential crisis, I've realized we are here to make a difference. By denying ourselves to spread our wings and take charge is violence to oneself.

I hope to see more leaders come forward and take active initiative to at least try and make the world a better place.

Glad we have won a blanket ban on sale and use of fire crackers in West Bengal.

Thank you to my advocate, Rachit Lakhmani for being able to channel my fire.

"The Calcutta High Court order had come over a Public Interest Litigation filed by environmental activist Roshni Ali who sought a ban on the sale and use of firecrackers during the upcoming festivities to safeguard people's right to clean, healthy and breathable air, particularly in times of the COVID-19 pandemic." NDTV

That evening I went around my local markets to see what was the ground reality.

I was glad to see the boom of lots of terracotta. This is unique to our heritage and eco-friendly solution to the problem.

But, toxic crackers were being sold too!

As the fire cracker ban has been challenged in the Supreme Court , I've found myself in the center of a hot topic.

The Supreme Court on Monday set aside the Calcutta high court order imposing a complete ban on sale and use of all firecrackers in the state, ruling that the high court departed from the legal regime established under the top court’s orders without any material to show inaction on part of the state or collusive approach by the authorities at the ground level.

Here is some of the press received after the High Court Ban :

However, the victory of an absolute ban was short lived.

Supreme Court Justices AM Khanwilkar and Ajay Rastogi also asked the West Bengal government to explore the possibility of ensuring that banned firecrackers and related items are not imported in the state and stopped at entry points.

This was my first time on Live Television.

We discussed the practical approach and grassroot realities which opens up larger questions.

The abuse of the judgement will open up contempt of Ho'n Supreme Court. We discussed "green washing' and the public health crisis. Talking the opportunity to raise awareness on the true crisis at hand.

Here is a look at some of the National Media Coverage on the Case :

Like many Indian cities, Bengal's capital Kolkata has recorded some of the highest pollution levels on the planet in recent years and residents are on track to lose nine years of life expectancy if 2019 levels persist, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Chicago.

I believe we've had enough of emotional trauma with the CoVid19 and the Climate Crisis. As conscious citizens we WAKE up part of a global community which stands for a sustainable future.

Yes, this is not one arrow to kill all the demons. But it's a start. The fight it's ours.

I shall be posting soon.

✊🏼🌏💚 Rise. Unite. Protect.

Primary Hashtag : #banfirecrackersinindia

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