• Roshni Ali

Galiff Street & Kolkata' s Illegal Dog Trade Market

There are 10 million stray dogs in India. Yet, the demand for exotic breeds is on the rise. This investigative documentary into Kolkata's famous pet market Galif Street.

What's wrong in buying from an illegal breeder?

Many breeders are in it for the quick money and are not concerned about the dogs. The puppy might look great, but take a moment and think about the mother. The Mother dog is often left tied up delivering one litter after the other. Government authorised breeders have restrictions which need to be followed.

What's wrong in buying a Husky or a St. Bernard in India?

Let's face it Calcutta is a hot city, most Indian metropolitans are. People buy dogs often because there is a status symbol associated with it. According to me, the status of being stupid is what's associated with buying dogs which are actually meant to live in icy cold tundra regions.

Huskies are known to run for miles in snow. Here they are restricted to small rooms, even if an AC is provided; they thrive in sub-zero temperatures.

Why should you adopt a 'street dog'?

There is noting biologically wrong with them. They are fit, built for the Indian climate, their short coat is easy to maintain, they have great immunity and are very protective highly intelligent dogs.

The only reason they are not adopted is that there is a social stigma to have a 'street dog' or even some people call them 'neiri kutta'. However, with a more conscious consumer society adopting and animal is preferred to buying one.

It's better to give a helpless soul a home, than feeding an industry which is known for animal cruelty.A street dog with proper care and training is as good as any imported breed, if not better.

What if I want a different breed?

Well, in that case there are numerous groups and NGOs which promote Adoption. Often dogs are abandoned by their owners due to their personal problems. These dogs are suddenly left homeless. This is a very real problem faced in many Indian cities.

So, get in touch with your local shelter or NGO and keep an eye out. You will get plenty of options from Labrador, Golden Retriever, Beagle and many more.

These illegal markets survive only because there is demand.
It's time to change the trends, it's time to Adopt Dont Shop!

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