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#RamMandirAyodhya | The Ultimate Humiliation of Sita

5th August 2020: The world is still recovering from the global lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Unemployment and uncertainty loom over all our lives. Assam and Bihar just facing massive flooding. Meanwhile, the Modi Government spent today, inaugurating the controversial Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. I could not help but find myself transported back in time to an era of myths and legends.

Humanity seems to be stuck in a loop.

Sita is known to be the earth's child. The Sita of the Ramayana may have been named after a more ancient Vedic goddess Sita, who is mentioned once in the Rigveda as an earth goddess who blesses the land with good crops.

In the Vedic period, she was one of the goddesses associated with fertility. The idea of an Earth Goddess is seen in many ancient cultures across the globe. For example, in Greek Mythology we know her as Gaia.

Today is a humiliation for Sita because Prime Minister Modi is off inaugurating the controversial Ram Mandir while pushing for the sell-out national parks, reserve forests and sacred tribal lands, through the controversial EIA Draft 2020.

Let's break away from the stale Hindu - Muslim narrative. Yes, there is a long complicated history, most regular folks know this is a political tool. To plant seeds of bitterness helps divide the public.

Keeping in mind climate crisis, the need of the hour is Ecofeminism, not a Ram Mandir.

Ecofeminist theory says, a feminist perspective of ecology does not place women in the dominant position of power but rather calls for an egalitarian, collaborative society in which there is no one dominant group. It is to see women and nature as parallels. It is no one's property. Humanity will thrive only when there is a balance of the divine masculine and feminine. Vandhana Shiva says, patriarchy has labelled women, nature, and other groups not growing the economy as "unproductive".

A group of Aadivasi Women tie raakhi to an old sacred tree and hail her as their protector.

As humans of late capitalism, we've seen that endless greed has left our forests burning, oceans full of plastic, skies black with smog and extinction on a daily basis. We have to stop and think... ...Earth is in 250 trillion dollars in debt! But to who and why? We are all in debt to a private bank, the Federal Reserve Bank!

(Watch this video to understand how a private bank controls the world's wealth)

So, where are we headed?

Can we sustain our "normal" levels of consumption? Absolutely NOT. We are heading towards the total disregard and humiliation of Sita, the earth goddess. This EIA DRAFT 2020 will bring with it acute water shortage which will lead to a catastrophic food crisis. This, in turn, will lead to regular folks being indebted to a large corporation for basic survival, as nature will be too volatile to sustain.

Just to mention, this act is unconstitutional and undemocratic too. Today, India is feeling uncertain of the times ahead.

South Indian is feeling threatened by the North Indian agenda, especially the Government's biased towards Hindi. #LandOfRavana has been trending on twitter.

Similarly, Islamic sentiments have been hurt. Twitter storm #ReturnBabrilandtoMuslims has been trending all afternoon.

At this point, it's little hard to say which Twitter campaign as been politically funded. However, political unrest and turmoil are certain in the coming months.

What can we do?

First thing, send a letter to the Ministry of Environment - just one click away at www.saveeia.com - only 6 days to go! - DO IT NOW! We have to get involved in Green politics in whichever way we can.

Take charge of our local communities and VOTE BETTER! Please do not lose hope.

We have to support each other to bring in a better world.

Revolutions aren't meant to be easy, but it will be worth it. Let's strive for planetary awakening.

For regular updates join Facebook Group: Environment Activist Network, India Visit: www.saveeia.com

Source | Additional Reads : Earth Goddess: Wikipedia Ecofeminism Ayodhya Dispute CNN: Global Debt Must Watch: 'Ram Ki Naam' - Documentary on Gujrat Riots #Ayodhaya #NarendraModi #Modi #GreenPolitics #Sita #RamMandir #RamMandirAyodhaya #BabriZindaHai #LandOfRavana #India #MinistryofEnvironment #Withdraweia2020 #Saveeia2020 #ClimateStrike #ClimateCrisis #Globalwarming #Corporateinequality #Ram #Bhakt #BJP #IndianPolitics #EIADRaft2020 #SaveEia2020 #IndianEconomy #Democracy #IndianDemocracy #hindumuslim #August5th #JaiShriRam #Covid19 #Pandemic #ReligiousPolitics #AadivasiLivesMatter #Aadvivasi #TribesofIndia #TribaIndia #India4BJP All images are used as per Google Fair Use Policy

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