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The Power of Hip Hop : Using protest poetry to shine light on #WithdrawEia2020

I reached out to a friend who happened to be an influential Rapper, EPR. I've known EPR since his early days with Underground Authority. I've always appreciated his fearless attitude and love for the craft. When I told him about EIA 2020, he was glad to come on board for a collaborative project with my team.

Along with my film crew and GJ Storms sick beats we happened to make a music video. The music video captures the anger and urgency of the climate crisis which lies ahead.

The aim of the music video was to raise awareness of this undemocratic act. I am happy to say the video was received very well with 154K views and numerous reaction videos it got people buzzing.

Hip Hop as an art form comes from channelling the emotions of the oppressed.

Sadly nowadays it is reduced to bling and semi glad girls booty shaking but when it can be used as a tool of mass mobilization it stands as an agent of change.

Here is a look at the many reaction videos which came out and raised awareness of the matter.

From sitting on my desk distressed from feeling insignificant and powerless - I'm really glad how this video was received.

Here are some important updates :

The high court on February 2, 2021, had observed that its view that the draft EIA be translated in all 22 languages should not be taken so "combatively" by the central government. He had further said that over 20 lakh responses have been received with regard to the draft EIA and therefore, it cannot be said that the consultative process or participation by stakeholders was skewed.

Is our fight over?


But good to know we are together.

Arise. Unite. Protect.

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